Are you on a tour , Lolland and Falster much to offer . In the immediate area will Nykøbing , there is a beautiful and exciting city with old buildings , museum, revue and good shopping .

Furthermore, Medieval , which is definitely worth a visit

Medieval Centre is both an exciting attraction and a research center for historical technology including : War Machines " balista " Pelt and chin gay Workshops including blacksmith, rope maker and dye Knight Tournaments Medieval harbor with ships and trading houses as well as faith and superstition forest.

Knutenborg Safari Park

Knuthenborg Safari Park is the largest manor and one of the Danish favorite vacation spot for many generations. The park is the setting for many fun and happy memories for thousands of families - and there's even more to get! A real experience to a whole day for the whole family .

Marielyst Golf & Fun Park

Marielyst Golf & Fun Park has since 2005 evolved from being Europe's largest adventure golf facility to now have both Soccer Golf, Frisbee Golf, Baseball Cage, Driving Range , activities for the little ones .. The park spreads over an area of approx . 125,000 sqm.

Marielyst Sports Cars 

Marielyst Sports Cars is a museum built over a private collection of sports cars and vintage cars from the 1913 1970.På closed nature , it is possible to rent a sportscar and run a 2.5 kilometers. long trip from 1 June - 31 september. However, the course closed in the rain.


Marielyst - for all ages. All the fun and exciting things are so close that it makes it easy to take your family on a trip and experience as much as possible . There is fun in long panels and the different attractions are almost guaranteed to the sources throughout the body - and the pleasure is for both children and adults. Enjoy the rush and take the good experiences with home.

If you like golf is Marielyst Golf Club near Tjørnevænget 22

Vis Attraktioner nær Marielyst på et større kort

Super Bowling 

Super Bowling Located right at the Welcome Center when you get to Marielyst with 10 lanes and space for 250 diners and DJ on weekends Super Bowling guarantee a good night with your loved ones . Read more


The tennis courts in Væggerløse can be rented by the hour. Read more


Marielyst Golf Club is Denmark's southernmost golf course is a challenging 18-hole par 71 course , which can be played by anyone, regardless of disability .

Non- golfers can play the exciting 9 hole course with among other things, two long par 4 holes . The course is a mixture of forest holes and open fairways where lakes and canals are natural obstacles.

The club has appointments up Golfbox so you can always get a start time. 9- hole course has always room . See golf club websites here:

Marielyst GK

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